rmbVideoConvert 1.2

AudioConvert is a professional solution for converting, ripping,...

AudioConvert is a professional solution for converting, ripping, transforming and recording all types of audio files. Some features of AudioConvert include:- Converting WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, GSM, G.

726, RAW, VOX, ACM, ADPCM, and DSP audio files. - Change settings of each audio file: Frequency, # channels, Bitrate, VbrQuality, etc. - Playing audio files of type mentioned above, and Audio CD`s.

- Grab Audio CD`s to WAV, MP3, WMA, and RAW audio files. - Get AudioCD Track information with CDDB (Internet) or CDPLAYER. INI- Transform audio file`s:- [Amplitude]: Invert, Reverse, Silence, Delete silence, Amplify, Normalize, Mix, Fade, Vibrato- [Delay]: Delay, Resample, Flanger, MultiTapDelay- [Filter]: LowPass, BandPass, LowShelf, HighPass, Notch, HighShelf- [Equalizer]: 12 band equalizer- Record audiofiles to MP3, WAV, VOX, RAW, or G.